DOB: 05/19/1999

Hi, I'm Phillip, but you can call me Phil. I am the oldest boy of the Long kids and I am the artist of the family. I love all types of art, but I especially like drawing and origami. I also like playing video games on the computer. I am in the Navy now. Before we began deputation, I liked to serve in the Children's Ministry at church with the puppet ministry. 


DOB: 12/31/1997
Hi, I’m Tabitha and I am twenty. I am the oldest of the Long kids. I love to read, go shopping, watch TV, and cook. Right now I am going to Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri. My major is Intercultural Studies. I love to travel and find adventure in this beautiful world God has given us!


DOB: 03/16/2003
​Hi, my name is Deacon and I am fourteen years old. I am the youngest, and shortest of the Long family...well, now my mom is the shortest. I like to play soccer, cook, and I like to try new things. Before we started deputation, I liked to work in the Food Pantry and help with the little kids in the nursery area at church.

The Gang

Meet the real stars of our family


DOB: 11/28/2000

Hi, my name is Gabe. I’m seventeen years old and I like animals and video games. Before we started deputation, I loved to greet new visitors and sing at the church, but one of my favorite things to do was to serve at our Food Pantry. I’m really excited to go to Madagascar because I like new places and I’m really looking forward to the animals!

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