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School Supply Outreach

We need partners who will faithfully give toward our ministry monthly so that we can stay in Madagascar and share the light of the Gospel with the people here. Every dollar you give through our mission organization, The Baptist Bible Fellowship International, comes directly to us - they do not charge us an administrative fee. You will also get a charitable contribution receipt for anything you give to us. 

We feel that the second greatest need in Madagascar is for children and youth to receive a good education (second to the need for the Gospel to take root in this society). When children receive a good education, their future is changed. Because the average Malagasy earns only $1.68 per day, the cost of school supplies is too great for many parents to be able to send their children to school. We would like to be able to bless families in our community by helping them get school supplies for their children. For only $20,  we can provide all the school supplies a student needs for a complete school year (this cost does not include a pencil case or backpack). Helping the kids of the area go to school doesn't just allow them to learn math and reading - it changes their destiny. Would you prayerfully consider donating for one, two, or even ten students to be able to go to school this year? 

We carefully select the outreaches we plan in order to build a bridge from our church into the community. Our church is only a few weeks old, but already the community is beginning to see that we are here "to be living proof of a loving God to a watching world." 

Click the link below to give to this project. Please include a note that it is for the School Supply Outreach. 


Monthly Support

​​Percentage of Support Raised:  98%