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We purchased some things in the States and will be shipping them over to Madagascar, but there are other things we need to purchase here. The cost of setting up our home and settling into our new culture is an added expense and any help toward that is greatly appreciated! You can give directly to this by clicking on the "Donate Now" link. Please be sure to designate "Home Set-up" in the memo.

Thank you Cape Cod Church in Cape Cod, MA for contributing $500 in start-up costs!


Percentage of Support Raised:  98%

Home Set-up

Once we have our home set up, we will begin to look at a car to purchase. This will be the largest expense of our move. We would love to purchase a 4X4 so that once we get into the bush ministry we have a vehicle that will operate well in the rough terrain, however they are very expensive. While we are in the capital city learning the language, we can use a smaller car. Whichever we purchase, the taxes will be very high; it almost doubles the cost of the vehicle. 

If you feel led by the Lord to donate toward the cost of a vehicle, you can give directly to this by clicking on the "Donate Now" link below. Please be sure to designate "Vehicle" in the memo.

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We will actually need to learn 2 languages - French and Malagasy. The first portion of language study was in Massy, France at a language school for International French.  We completed this portion of our language study at the beginning of May 2018.

We will begin the Malagasy portion of our language study in September 2018. Please pray that we would be able to learn the Malagasy language well so that we can communicate the Gospel very soon to the people to whom the Lord has called  us.